King of Strays


July 4, 2019


Sour Ale




Sour Ale with Strawberry & Pink Guava


Black Dog was a stray chow that roamed the near west end of Richmond for more than 10 years. The dreadlocked drifter gained an almost mythical reputation as a protector of the residents off Cary Street, frequently seen but almost never close enough to touch. Numerous attempts by animal control to apprehend the elusive canine all failed and he remained, per an animal control official, "a fugitive at large." Lead by an informal group called Friends of Black Dog, locals were known to put food outside and leave their garage doors open for him to find shelter during cold winter nights. Dubbed the King of Strays by a Times-Dispatch columnist who chronicled his escapades, Black dog died on July 2nd, 2009, apparently struck by a car. His outlaw spirit continues.