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The Conspiracy Membership

More commonly called an unkindness, a flock of ravens can also be referred to as a constable or a conspiracy


Don't read this out loud. They might hear you. Check your six; make sure you're not being tailed. Those two colluding in the corner cutting furtive glances around the room...they already know. They're with us.

Whispered about in craft breweries and dark alleys, Richbrau covertly discloses our exclusive membership program: The Conspiracy. Richbrau is recruiting a cadre of craft beer conspirators to infiltrate Richmond. Join us. Founding Conspirator benefits will begin immediately upon enrolling, with advanced access to the brewery prior to public opening, and then membership will run for a calendar year from our public opening date. We will allow a maximum of 50 Conspiracy members during the first year, with founding Conspirators having the right of first refusal to continue membership for the following year.

We are here to collude. Nothing is as it seems. Be part of the movement. Join the conspiracy.







Exclusive Conspiracy t-shirt

Exclusive Conspiracy craft glassware

Two (2) Sampler 4 packs of 16 oz cans at opening that include each of our 4 initial launch beers

Two (2) 4 packs of our next packaged beer canning run

Private tour of the brewery for member and a guest

Attendance to private brewery launch event for Conspirators only

Advance notice to all brewery special events

For any packaged beer releases during this cycle, Conspirators will be able to reserve 2 units for purchase that they may pick up from the brewery at their convenience.

Occasionally, we will create experimental batches that are very limited. While not guaranteed, whenever possible we will offer early access to these beers to Conspiracy members.

Conspirators will have right of first refusal to renew membership for the following year

Capped at 50 people